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Klipsch RP-502S (pair)

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Used, Open and Demoware( Klipsch RP-502S Black Ash) The condition of the article falls under... more

Used, Open and Demoware( Klipsch RP-502S Black Ash)

The condition of the article falls under used, this means there may be traces of use on the article itself or on the accessories. In any case, the article works technically flawlessly and comes with the full warranty from the date of purchase.

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Klipsch RP-502 Sound Loudspeaker

The Reference Premiere RP-502S surround speakers deliver the highest and most comprehensive sound possible. No other brand can bring this theatre-quality surround sound experience to your home like Klipsch.

ALL-NEW Vented Tweeter A
ventilated tweeter reduces standing waves behind the tweeter cone for smoother tweeter response.
The lightweight yet stiff titanium tweeter diaphragm is designed to outperform aluminum, polymer or silk tweeters.
Klipsch's award-winning Linear Travel Suspension technology uses a piston movement of the titanium diaphragm to reduce distortion and deliver real sound.
A ceramic magnetic enclosure offers premium performance, Klipsch Reference Premiere tweeters set the standard in acoustic reproduction.

Klipsch's patented Tractrix® Horn technology ensures that the Reference Premiere Surround speaker's high-frequency energy is directed directly at the listener, reducing unwanted artificial reverberation reflections through indirect bounce from walls - so you can experience the clearest, most detailed and lifelike sound possible.


  • Dual 1" Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix® Horns
  • Dual 5.25 "Copper Copper Cerametallic ™ Woofers
  • Wide Dispersion Surround Technology
  • Premium scratch-resistant ebony and walnut finish
  • Strong, flexible detachable magnetic grid

Lautsprecher-Typ: Surroundlautsprecher
Tiefe in cm: zwischen 15-20
Höhe in cm: zwischen 30-35
Breite in cm: zwischen 35-40
Farbe: schwarz
Ohm: 8 Ohm
Wege: 2 Weg
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