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REL G-1 MKII Subwoofer in Piano schwarz

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subwoofer Retains the classic, curvilinear case whose shape has been carefully designed to... more


Retains the classic, curvilinear case whose shape has been carefully designed to suppress standing waves as they move backwards through the case. The laminated hardwood strut, reminiscent of musical instruments, still finds a home - though it has been reconfigured for even greater rigidity. The amplifier is the powerful, yet highly-controlled, and highly reliable 600 W class A / B amplifier with new limiters, delivering almost 40% more power without compression.

The driver - the heart and soul of every REL - has been dramatically upgraded and now has a larger up and down stroke, a smoother chassis and the ability to handle greater dynamics. This new version can now output 112 dB. Extends the performance horizon of the original in every way, while retaining its core strengths of dignified beauty, coupled with an even wilder edition.

While the outer mold, with its 13mm thick, curvilinear surfaces artfully painted black with 12 layers of hand polished piano lacquer, deserves the utmost praise, it is the interior construction that creates the clarity, calmness and dynamism that the G1 MKII makes known become. The marine-grade hardwoods we use are not unlike the spars on a ship. Each cabinet requires two days of production to build a single unfinished cabinet. Then it takes three weeks for the shell to finish. The resulting structure is far more than a beautiful shape; it is the structural basis for the deep bass that the G1 MKII produces.

When we experience bass in real time around the world, it does so with altitude. It hits our nasal sinuses, it hits our chest cavities, it rumbles across the floor, conveying power and majesty. Our Reference Line arrays make the bass appear more natural and add a treble component to propagate in the room. The lowest unit amplifies the deepest overtones, crawls and rumbles across the floor to create space shakes. The middle position provides for crisp attack and articulation of kick drums or temporary events. The device gives the flutter and shimmer of all kinds of instruments floating in the air. Creating reference line arrays is the holy grail of the REL experience and only available with our reference products.

Because 90 percent of the energy generated by a system lies in the bass ranges, reference line arrays are the magic element that is missing in so many other prior art systems. The air, transparency and, of course, the effortless power of Reference Line arrays are unimaginable, they can only be experienced in person.


  • Type: Closed suitcase, front gunner
  • Active Driver Size and Material: 300 mm carbon fiber cone with 12 "diameter and reverse carbon dust cap
  • Passive radiator size and material: N / A
  • Low frequency extension: -6 dB at 15 Hz
  • Input terminals: High-level Neutrik Speakon, Low-level stereo RCA, LFE-RCA, LFE-XLR
  • Output connections: high-level, low-level cinch, balanced XLR and daisy-chain outputs
  • Power: 600 watts (RMS) ultra-high-power power supply
  • Amplifier type: Class A / B
  • Wireless capability: N / A

protection system

  • Fully electronic safe: yes
  • DC error: yes
  • Output short: yes
  • Mains input voltage: 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
  • Fuses: 5 amps half delay 230 volts operation, 10 amps half delay 115 volts operation
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 571.5 x 462 x 680.3 mm (22.5 x 18.2 x 26.8 inches)
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Finish: Piano Black lacquer, 12 layers

enclosed accessories

  • Network connection: yes
  • Neutrik Speakon: yes (10 meters nominal)



Höhe in cm: zwischen 45-50
Breite in cm: zwischen 55-60
Tiefe in cm: zwischen 65-70
Farbe: piano schwarz
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