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Monitor Audio PLW215 II Subwoofer

Monitor Audio PLW215 II Subwoofer

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Two 15 "C-CAM drivers, triple suspended for up to 4 cm deflection and individually driven by... more

Two 15 "C-CAM drivers, triple suspended for up to 4 cm deflection and individually driven by DSP-controlled amplifiers, deliver clean frequencies down to 16 Hz. At these levels, the bass sounds like a shock that hits you from head to toe It seamlessly transitions to the PL500 II, which creates breathtaking sound beyond your hearing - with a physical dimension that is captured by all the senses - in short, the sound of nature, sculpturally re-created.

Nevertheless, all this explosive audio power would be wasted without control. Adjust the spatial response of the PLW215 II on the top panel or via laptop with our copyrighted 'SubConnect' software. Within this global setting, the 24bit DSP offers four fully configurable user presets per input, including EQ presets Normal / Music / Movie / Customization for EQ settings. For fine tuning, you can adjust the frequency, filter slope, filter width, and EQ filters for each preset. There is also a night mode in which the dynamic range of louder points is actively controlled down to the volume you want. The PLW215 II is the most powerful, sophisticated and most natural-sounding bass speaker we've ever built, completing our Platinum II showcase range with impeccable precision.

Technical specifications:
Chassis assembly: 2 x 15 "C-CAM subwoofer driver with inverted surround and triple suspension for increased stability at high excursion                                   Black single-edged 3" voice coil with ventilated pole, vented coil and black CED coated drive unit for reduction of                                           Compression and improvement of heat dissipation. FEA optimized diaphragm, magnets and suspensions for best                                         performance and increased linearity.
Connection: 12v trigger in (3.5mm mono jack, 6v threshold), assignable on / off or preset change, 3.5mm microphone plug (microphone                             included), RJ45 connector supports RS232 (EIA / TIA - 561, Tx pin 6, Rx pin 5 , Gnd pin 4), IR transmitter output (3.5mm                               mono jack), USB type B, for connection to SubConnect PC application and firmware update
External dimensions (including amplifier, drivers & connectors (H x W x D)): 500 x 504 x 512.5 mm
Weight (unpacked): 57.54 kg

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Maße 51.2 cm x 50.4 cm x 54.63 cm (L x B x H)
Gewicht: 57,54 kg