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REL Longbow in Piano schwarz

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Longbow "Wireless" Introducing LongBow ™, the easy-to-use, high-quality non-compressed... more

Longbow "Wireless"

Introducing LongBow ™, the easy-to-use, high-quality non-compressed wireless system that frees your system from placement restrictions caused by traditional cables.

With LongBow, very fast, uncompressed bass can be sent wirelessly within a room (depending on the room layout). Conventional wireless systems significantly compress the sound, transmit the compressed digital bitstream through the air and then expand it back to its "original" form. The result is a significant delay in speed (engineers refer to this delay as latency) and unproblematic quality, which often suffers from a small thickness. LongBow updates the digital pipeline from 16-bit to 24-bit and then transmits over uncompressed 48-kHz signals. Eliminating the compression / expansion choke point and using audiophile A / D encoders results in fast, natural bass (typically about 80 percent faster than traditional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi systems).

Our engineers have not stopped developing the industry's best sounding wireless delivery system. The team developed LongBow with simultaneous high-level transmission and 0.1 channels, so that the performance of the REL Theater Reference can be maintained even when using our wireless transmission system. This approach creates the rich, natural and warm basses for which REL theater systems are known, as well as the devastating breakthrough of great .1 dynamics. Wireless. Switching between music and movie sound does NOT require switching inputs, changing subwoofer settings, or the like.

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