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Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 black Soundbase with Bluetooth(pcs)

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Cambridge Audio TV5 v2 The TV5 has just been upgraded for 2017, but still promises pure... more

Cambridge Audio TV5 v2

The TV5 has just been upgraded for 2017, but still promises pure simplicity. At least in terms of design, usability and settings. It offers the ultimate audio upgrade for your TV content and music collection in a single box. No matter what TV you have, where you store your content or what your preferred sound settings are, you can rely on the TV5's outstanding performance.

Two downward facing subwoofers

With the double subwoofers, bass freaks get their money's worth, but the TV5 can do even more. Even at low levels, the two subwoofers can perfectly manage and disperse the output power. The result is a masterly improvement of your visual content without distracting interferences.

Flexible connection options

There are a number of options for connecting the soundbase to your TV: Cinch, 3.5 mm, TOSLINK optical and now also HDMI ARC. And if you want to stream something from your smart device or laptop, simply connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth.

BMR driver

The Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR®) drivers we use fill your room with lifelike sound that puts you right in the middle of the action. Unlike other speakers, our BMR® speakers move differently, creating a stunning sound that turns your entire room into a sweet spot. Read more about our unique BMR technology here.

Strong but compact

If you're looking for a speaker on which you can place your TV directly, the TV5 supports all TVs up to 30 kg in weight and 725 mm in base. Alternatively, you can move the soundbase to another shelf in your media system.

key features

  • HDMI ARC: ARC supports 24-bit/192-kHz playback of High-Res-capable televisions. This connector also responds to the main remote control of your TV, so the volume and power on/off are synchronized. LPCM support also activates the digital stereo output.
  • Connections: Choose from HDMI ARC, optical input, 3.5 mm Aux-In and Cinch. All cables are included - so if you buy a new TV, your soundbase can stay the same.
  • APTX Bluetooth: Streaming is child's play within a range of 10 metres; aptX provides even more detail and sound depth in CD quality.
  • Two subwoofers: Two downward facing subwoofers deliver a fantastic, natural bass sound and also protect the speakers from romping children or pets.
  • TV stands: If you are looking for a sound base on which to place your TV, we recommend TVs with all screen sizes, as long as the weight does not exceed 30 kg and the base is not wider than 725 mm.
  • Environmentally friendly: The TV5 saves power by consuming less than 0.5W in standby mode and turns off automatically when not in use for 20 minutes.
  • BMR Drivers: Our unique BMR speaker technology offers unsurpassed wide dispersion of natural-sounding audio from a compact profile. Experience beautiful clarity, powerful bass and detailed mids.
  • 4 sound experiences: Choose from four EQ settings to optimally adapt your audio to your content. You can choose from Movie, Music, TV and Voice. Turn the bass up or down in all these modes, just as you like it.
  • Improved output power: Our amplifier offers the best control over tone fluctuations. This is immensely important for home cinema: every scene that jumps from a whisper directly to an explosion is controlled so that it sounds as natural as possible. So your experience is amplified by audio instead of disturbed.
  • Remote control: The new ergonomic remote control fits comfortably in your hand and gives you complete control over your settings.

Technical data

  • Driver Units: 2 x 57 mm (2.25 inch) Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) Driver 2 x 165 mm (6.5 inch) Subwoofer
  • Connections: aptX Bluetooth, 1x ARC, 1x TOSLINK Optical, 1x 3.5mm MP3, 1x RCA
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions(W X H X D): 725 x 100 x 340mm (28.5" x 4" x 13.4")


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