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Krell Vector HC 3 15A power cable

Krell Vector HC 3 15A power cable

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Krell Vector HC 3 15A power cable As a conscious and cautious thinker, we finally came up... more

Krell Vector HC 3 15A power cable

As a conscious and cautious thinker, we finally came up with the idea that maybe Krell should design and manufacture his own AC cables. After all, we have already developed countless power supplies for CD players, preamplifiers and surround processors - in addition to our amplifiers. Krell knows firsthand the demands that high current audio components place on AC power lines and cables. We know the complexity of high-capacity power transformers and the negative effects of weak or noisy AC networks on sound and picture quality. This knowledge led us to develop a power cable that ensures that the first connection to a Krell component is as carefully made as the electronics in the housing. Hardly any other manufacturer of power cables can say this.

It is with great pride that we are proud to introduce the Krell of power cables after many years: the Krell Vector HC. The first and only power cable that meets the same strict standards as Krell electronics and is the first to cover the entire AC power requirements of high current components.

You will immediately notice improvements in bass definition and control. Image contours are defined with greater elegance and finesse in the upper octaves. Use Vector HC in your video system and the results are equally convincing.

Technology Highlights

The hot and neutral leads are designed like signal cables and are twisted together with a precise angle of rotation and a precise twist rate, optimizing the ratio between resistance, capacitance and inductance. Inductance, the enemy of high current events, resists changes in current flow. Vector HC minimizes inductance and ensures unobstructed access to available AC power. At the same time the capacitance is increased to suppress high-frequency noise voltages. To achieve minimum noise emission and maximum noise suppression, the two main conductors are wrapped in a foil shield. A foil shield is more effective than a braided wire in shielding the frequency ranges that affect audio components. The ground conductor runs outside this power supply package to provide better RF / EMI immunity.


Three conductors made of fine-stranded, oxygen-free 11 AWG copper complement the conductors. Each conductor is separately insulated in a Teflon-based material that provides a linear and predictable dielectric constant. A spiral-shaped sheath of individual glass fibre strands protects the conductors in a flexible yet stable frame. A transparent PVC sheathing secures the entire packaging and increases mechanical stability.

Furutech power connectors, widely recognized as industry leaders, complete Vector HC cables. These connectors have a unique spring-loaded metal bridge that connects the different parts together. They conduct any noise potential to earth and significantly reduce distortion to ensure particularly clean and stable power transmission.

To increase conductivity, each conductor in the cable is terminated with a gold-plated pure copper cable lug before being plugged into the Furutech connectors. The final connection to the AC power supply is made via rhodium-plated pure copper flat plugs. Rhodium is harder than gold and more resistant to abrasion over time. It guarantees years of high performance.

Connection options

Krell Vector HC cables are available in standard lengths of 3ft and 6ft with IEC connectors of 15A or 20A. Options for Vector HC wall connectors include USA, UK and EU versions.

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