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Pro-Ject Essential III Sgt. Pepper's Drum OM 10

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Special edition turntable!   Essential III Sgt. Pepper‘s Drum – a true collector‘s... more

Special edition turntable!


Essential III Sgt. Pepper‘s Drum – a true collector‘s item!

This special edition and collaboration between Pro-Ject Audio Systems and The Beatles has brought out a turntable which was inspi-red by the most successful Beatles album ever – „Sergeant Pepper‘s Lonely Hearts Club Band“. The album is known as a milestone of music history in terms of commercial success as well as artistic breakthrough. No other album has been produced with such high efforts! This special edition‘s design of our Essential III turntable shows the base drum of the infamous album. Many myths and theories have been created because of this album and especially because of its cover.

In celebration of the 50th jubilee of this unique masterwork we want to offer all fans of this legendary album the opportunity to give their beloved record an additional place in their livingroom!



Technical Specifications


Speed 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Principle Belt drive
Speed variance 33: 0.70% 45: 0.60%
Wow & flutter 33: 0.21% 45: 0.19%
Platter 300 mm acrylic & felt mat
Main bearing Stainless steel
Tonearm 8.6”, aluminium
Effective arm length 218.5 mm
Effective tonearmmass 8.0 g
Overhang 22.0 mm
Counterweight for mass 3 - 5.5 g
Tracking force range 0 - 25 mN (recommended OM10 18 mN)
Included accessories Power supply, dust cover
Power consumption 4.5 Watts max
Dimensions 420 x 112 x 330mm (WxHxD)
Weight 5.0 kg netto

Zubehör: Abdeckhaube, Tonabnehmer (vormontiert)
Serie (ProJect): Artist Collector Series
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