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Why does a pre-order make sense?

The current situation makes it necessary to make certain items available for pre-order. There are delivery bottlenecks and few delivery options all over the world. Some manufacturers wait months for individual components. Some of our orders from suppliers were placed at the beginning of 2020, so we are one of the few dealers who receive goods preferentially.

How does the pre-order work?

You buy an item with this option and pay the specified percentage. With this option, you secure a fixed place in the order line and receive priority delivery.

As soon as the item is in stock

You will receive a notification immediately and can easily complete the purchase and pay the remaining amount with our step-by-step instructions. As soon as this has happened, you will receive the shipping confirmation shortly afterwards.


Good to know

Best price guarantee: You receive a best price guarantee on all "pre-order" items. For you as a pre-order customer, the cheapest price from the time of pre-order to delivery always counts.

Payment: All payment methods are available to you both when pre-ordering and when completing the order

Withdrawal: You have the option to withdraw from the purchase at any time and we will return the deposit paid to you. Please note that you will lose your place in the row and may only get to the item you want later. The withdrawal period only ends 30 days after you have received the goods.