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Denon AH-MM400 Over-Ear

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The top model of the Music Maniac series  The top-of-the-range model in the new series... more

The top model of the Music Maniac series 

The top-of-the-range model in the new series is the AH-MM40 headphones, which are over-the-ear, offering excellent wearing comfort and a high degree of noise isolation. The elegant earpice made of genuine American walnut ensures a particulary powerful and natural sound.

Earpieces made of American walnut wood 

The exclusive earpieces made of highquality American walnut wood ensure a particulary natural and disortion free reproduction of the music at the highest level. The over-ear construction also ensures a high level of passive acoustic insulation.

Aluminium headband

The earpiece are connected via a length-adjustable headband made of an aluminium alloy with a lightweight, comfortably with special memory foam padded headband. In addition, the AH-MM400 can be folded to save space and transported in the supplied transport bag.

40 mm carbon fiber / paper membrane with FreeEdge neodymium magnets 

The AH-MM40 features 40mm drivers with advanced carbon fiber / paper composite FreeEdge membrane and neodynum magnets. This Denon exclusive construction provides high disortion low and a frequency range up to 40 kHz


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