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Quadraspire Q4L

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Quadraspire Q4L The rise of Quadraspire began in 1995 with the Q4 model. The lightweight... more

Quadraspire Q4L

The rise of Quadraspire began in 1995 with the Q4 model. The lightweight hi-fi rack was the ideal installation location for the hi-fi components from LINN, Naim or Rega, which were very popular in England at the time, but were also sensitive. Music lovers with a love of vinyl were particularly enthusiastic about the concept. In contrast to other manufacturers, Quadraspire used columns made of open-pored and finally powder-coated aluminium, while elsewhere they used hollow tubes and clear varnish. The Q4 achieved a homogeneous resonance within the columns, which were firmly bolted together. Another Quadraspire special feature is the concave planes on three sides. They help to avoid standing waves. Visually, they offer the owner the option of choosing between a straight or a rounded front view.

The evolutionary development to the Q4 Evo, however, was only completed later by the work of Alester Kells, who tested countless cut-in variations on the underside of the MDF levels until he found the ideal version. The millings made the levels even less massive and stored less energy. The classic principle of turntable builders to dissipate unwanted energy as quickly as possible found a new implementation in the Q4 Evo.

After years of experimentation with different MDF densities and the realization that even the use of solid wood could no longer bring about any significant improvement to the rack, the use of multi-layer solid bamboo brought a new sonic breakthrough. For the bamboo version of the Q4 Evo, five dried layers of bamboo are now glued together in a cross shape, which results in a very stable and at the same time homogeneously conductive plane.

The Q4 Evo is designed as a rack with straight 19 mm columns. These are available in black or matt silver finish. If desired, the 32 mm concave columns of the SunokoVent series can also be used, making the delicate furniture look much more opulent. These are also available in black or matt silver lacquer. Both column variants are available in heights of 10 cm, 14 cm, 18 cm, 21.6 cm, 25.6 cm and 32.6 cm. The dimensions correspond to the real available heights between the levels.

The Q4 Evo is available in various MDF finishes and a solid wood version. The wooden planes are finished with a silk matt surface lacquer - high-gloss lacquers look great, but do not work well in Quadraspire racks in terms of sound quality.

Sound tips

1. the Q4 Evo with 19mm columns comes with spikes and floor glides as standard The spikes sound better and should be used whenever possible. If you want to protect your floor, you can use specially made Quadraspire spike bases. The version with 32mm concave columns is only supplied with spikes. Floor glides are optionally available.

2. massive bamboo is superior in sound to veneered MDF floors.

3. if you want to place a turntable, CD player or streamer on the top level, you should consider the bronze upgrade. This can also be retrofitted.

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