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Quadraspire SV2T

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Quadraspire SV2T The SVT model owes its development to an idea of the Japanese Quadraspire... more

Quadraspire SV2T

The SVT model owes its development to an idea of the Japanese Quadraspire distributor. They had a bestseller in their range, the well-known Q4 L, but wanted to offer a special version for particularly heavy components and particularly hot running amplifiers - of course with sonic advantages over the Q4. Through continuous slots in the SVT levels it is now possible to dissipate the waste heat from tube amplifiers or Class A power amplifiers. At the same time, the mass of the individual layers is also reduced. Only after long listening experiments did Quadraspire find the right arrangement of the cut-outs.

With a trick, the load-bearing capacity of the individual levels could be increased to 120 kg: In the SVT, the columns are seated within the individual levels in a brass ring that distributes the tensile forces evenly. At the same time, the 32 mm concave columns, with which the model is equipped as standard, do not rest directly on the wood, but also have contact only with the brass ring above and below the level. This results in a clearly defined coupling of level to column.

If you want to set up a larger hi-fi system really well, the SVT is the right choice. This is basically a double SVT and allows, for example, a turntable and a top-loading CD player to be placed side by side at the correct working height.

After years of experimenting with different MDF densities and not being able to achieve any significant improvement by using solid wood, the next step was to create an even better sounding rack by using multi-ply solid bamboo. Five dried layers of bamboo are glued crosswise and result in a very stable and at the same time homogeneously discharging level.

The 32 mm concave columns of the SVT series are available in black or matt silver finish. Both column versions are available in heights of 10 cm, 14 cm, 18 cm, 21.6 cm, 25.6 cm, and 32.6 cm. The dimensions correspond to the real available heights between the levels. The SVT is available in various MDF versions and a solid wood version. The wooden planes are finished with a silk-matt surface lacquer - high-gloss lacquers look great, but do not work well in Quadraspire racks.

Sound tips

1. the SV2T comes standard with spikes and these should be used whenever possible. If you want to protect your floor, you can use specially manufactured Quadraspire spike bases. The optionally available floor glides sound less good.

2. massive bamboo is superior in sound to veneered MDF floors.

3. if you want to place a record player, CD player or streamer on the top level, you should think about the bronze upgrade. This upgrade is even more elaborate for the SVT than for the Q-Series racks. This upgrade can also be retrofitted.

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