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Marantz SA-10 Super Audio CD-Player

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Maratz SA-10  Super Audio CD-Player All-new SACD-M3 transport mechanism for CD,... more

Maratz SA-10 
Super Audio CD-Player

All-new SACD-M3 transport mechanism for CD, Super Audio CD and more
Playback of high-resolution audio compilations on DVD-ROM
USB input for hi-res audio up to PCM / DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz
Isolation of USB and digital inputs to remove noise from connected sources
Innovative upsampling to DSD and filtering using unique Marantz Musical Mastering - Stream technology
All-new custom-designed 1-bit direct Marantz Musical Mastering -Conversion from DSD to analogue
High-quality analogue output stage with Marantz HDAMs
Generous power supply using toroidal transformer
Dedicated headphone amplifier with all-discrete construction
The new Marantz SA-10 is the latest model in a range of high-end players stretching all the way back to the dawn of CD: in the original CD-63, launched in 1983, it had the first high-end performance-tuned CD player, and that expertise has continued to be developed over more than 30 years. The SA-10 is designed to sets new standards, whether with music on disc or content streamed from a computer, and to become the New Reference in digital audio.

To achieve that, the SA-10 is a completely new design, drawing on all that experience in making great-sounding players but with virtually every part redesigned. That involved both innovation and some unique thinking, all in the cause of getting the best possible performance across a wide range of digital audio formats. The new model is an exceptional player of both CD and SACD discs, but can also play high-resolution music stored on computer-burned discs, as well as being a high-end digital to analogue converter for computer-stored music.

From the unique new disc transport designed for this player all the way through to a complete rethink of the way digital audio data is converted into analogue signals, the SA-10 is a ‘clean sheet’ design, the result of painstaking research and development and extensive listening in Marantz’s custom-built listening facilities. That’s symptomatic of the way Marantz has always done things: while it always aims for the most elegant engineering solution, the listening test is always the final arbiter. It’s all to do with that simple phrase running through the heart of everything the company does: ‘Because Music Matters’.

Whether playing SA-CD or CD, or data discs containing music, it’s vital that any player retrieves the information as accurately as possible: unlike a computer reading a disc for ripping, there’s no time for repeated re-scans when playing music – it happens in real time, so the disc transport needs to get things right first time.

DSD is at the heart of the way the SA-10 handles digital audio: PCM and DXD inputs are all upconverted to DSD at 11.2MHz using the proprietary MMM-Stream converter within the player, and then the high-frequency signal produced is processed by the unique MMM-Conversion stage, used in place of a conventional DAC, to produce the analogue output.

Built to perform
Like the partnering PM-10 integrated amplifier, the SA-10 is constructed to the highest possible standards, with a double-layered copper-plated chassis for excellent rejection of mechanical and electrical interference, and casework constructed from thick non-magnetic aluminium panels and 5mm thick top lid. Both products also sit on aluminium die-cast feet.

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