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Denon DCD-100 CD-Player

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With the experience of 100 years of precise audio reproduction  For more than a... more

With the experience of 100 years of precise audio reproduction 

For more than a century, Denon has pursued the goal of developing unique technical solutions for the perfect sound. Not without reason, Denon called Hi-Fi products "precision audio components" in the beginnning. This approach has not changed until today: it's all about the sound quality. Against this background, we have decided that our latest products should be compact and elegant, while being true hi-fi component. In other words, it should be the real Denon products. Denon presents the Denon Design Series: Real Hi-Fi for Today's Lifestyle.

High quality CD player 

The DCD-100 features a high-resolution D / A converter with wide dynamic range, ultra-low noise and low-disoriton playback. The highquality CD drive plays both your favorite albums as well as data CDs with MP3 and WMA files. However you prefer to listen to your music, the DCD-100 delivers compelling results. The DCD-100 and DRA-100 are easy to control with a single remote control, whetever you want to play your CDs or adjust the display brightness to suit your mood. The design series ensures the uncompromissing fulfillment of all entertainments needs. That's what Denon calls intelligent design.

Perfect addition to the DRA-100 

Due to its identical external design and housing materials, the DCD-100 is the perfect complement to the network stereo receiver DRA-100. The surface of the elegant case is made of soft, matte aluminium with silver and black accents. Simply connect both products via a digital cable and enjoy the superior sound purity.

High quality digital / analog converter 

For the connection of audio components without digital input, the DCD-100 has a high-quality 32-bit / 192-kHz D/A converter unit, which is characterizied by a wide dynamic range and extremely low noise and disortion-free playback. A real improvement to your existing stereo system.

Clear View OLED display with dimmer 

In addition to the number of titels on the CD, the total playing time, number, name and playing time of the current titel as well as the artist name and album name are displayed on the OLED display (depending on the CD inserted). There are also random shuffle, track repeat, and track repeat symbols and a data CD folder icon.

True class elegantly designed 

The Denon Design series plays in its own league - thanks to the combination of soft aluminium, bright own league - thanks to the combination of soft aluminium, bright silver accents and glossy and matt black surface. On the sharp OLED displays, Information about the current playback is clearly displayed with symbols and text. DCD-100 and DRA-100 impress with a convincing design in the living room.

Real hi-fi in the decisive style 

The design series is all about excellent sound quality - and a confident style. Only with the sophisticated digital technology of Denon and more than a century of experience in audio engineerign has it been possible to accomodate such power values in such a compact and unique design. Take a look at the design serie itself. The perfect combination of beauty and performance will convince you, too. If you're a fan of the design series, you should be immersed in amazing experience.

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