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Denon PMA-600NE Integrated Amplifier

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Denon PMA-600NE Integrated Amplifier Created for the discerning music lover, the Denon... more

Denon PMA-600NE Integrated Amplifier

Created for the discerning music lover, the Denon PMA-600NE is the perfect choice for those looking to build their first 2 channel hi-fi system. The PMA-600NE provides the most vivid and emotional reproduction of vinyl and Hi-Res Audio through its digital inputs and integrated phono preamplifier. Listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth to stream virtually unlimited tracks. From deep bass to detailed highs, hear your Hi-Res audio content with the high-quality 192 kHz/24-bit DA converter. With 70 watts (at 4 ohms) per channel, the PMA-600NE delivers enough power to bring out the best in your speakers. You can connect other hi-fi components to the PMA-600NE's two optical inputs and one coaxial input. Powered by a Denon Advanced High Current (AHC) power amplifier with high-current push-pull power transistors, the PMA-600NE delivers outstanding sound quality, combining high power with fine musical detail.


  • 2x 70 watts (4 ohms, 1kHz, 0.7% THD) output power: maximum power to drive your favorite speakers
  • Advanced High Current (AHC) output stage in push-pull circuitry: Suitable for a wide bandwidth - from deep bass to detailed highs
  • Bluetooth Support: Easily connect your smartphone to the PMA-600NE and stream music via Bluetooth using the built-in antenna
  • Dual Optical Digital Inputs for Your TV or Digital Device: The PMA-600NE Delivers Enhanced TV Sound
  • Built-in 192 kHz/24-bit DA converter: Experience Hi-Res audio playback and enjoy your favourite music at its best
  • Impeccable audio thanks to carefully selected and uncompromisingly tested hi-fi components: Enjoy the outstanding sound that characterizes all Denon amplifiers
  • Analogue mode for audio-only playback: turns off digital inputs and Bluetooth to avoid the effects of digital interference
  • High quality phono MM preamp: Connect your record player and enjoy your record collection at its best
  • Deeper bass: Rich and evenly distributed bass, thanks to the subwoofer output
  • Vibration-damping design with sturdy mechanical base: Listen to music with pristine detail and quality that's unaffected by the environment
  • Amplifier design with short signal paths: Enjoy pure sound with the Source Direct function and the shortest signal paths
  • Main transformer with separate windings for the audio and control circuits: This eliminates interference, optimizing sound quality
  • Microprocessor with Stop Mode: Protects the audio signal from external noise during playback
  • Signal Level Divided Construction (SLDC): Separates signals by level for optimal playback without interference and routes even the finest musical signals to the speakers, capturing every nuance of the music
  • Engineered with more than 100 years of Denon audio expertise: High-quality, durable system for the ultimate audio experience

Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs

The PMA-600NE features two optical inputs and one coaxial input, and supports PCM signals up to 192 kHz/24-bit. These digital inputs help improve the sound quality of your TV, Blu-ray player and other media players. You can also connect your computer here to play Hi-Res files directly, for example.

Analog Mode

In analog mode, the PMA-600NE operates as an analog-only amplifier by turning off the digital inputs and Bluetooth while you listen to music from the analog source. By turning on Analog Mode, you turn off the power to the dedicated digital power source. This completely shuts down the digital inputs and Bluetooth, eliminating any high frequency influences on the analog section of the PMA-600NE. Enjoy detailed playback of your favorite analog sources with undiminished clarity.

Microprocessor Stop Mode

The microprocessor used in the PMA-600NE features a stop mode. This automatically interrupts the operation of the microprocessor when it is not in use. By stopping the oscillation of the microprocessor clock, the audio signal is protected from external noise. This benefits the sound quality.

Signal Level Divided Construction (SLDC)

Denon's proprietary Signal Level Divided Construction (SLDC) is used in the audio circuitry to ensure that even the finest musical signals are faithfully amplified and delivered to the speakers. You can hear this exemplary quality - every time.

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