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Overview  The high-qualtiy stereo amplifier PM8006 is perfectly suitet for all popular... more


The high-qualtiy stereo amplifier PM8006 is perfectly suitet for all popular players, but has been developed especially for vinyl lovers it is the fundamentally redesigned, so called Marantz Musical Phono EQ stage.

Current Feedback 

The current feedback gain is a renowed circuit technology developed by Marantz, which perfectly meets the requirements of high-definition music. The impedance at the current negative feedback is limited, which leads to an extremely small phase shift. This, in turn, means that Marantz current feedback amplifiers minimize the need for negative feedback (NFB). This simplified the signal path, resulting in a better throughput rate, excellent transient response, and excellent transparent sound across the entire bandwidth. In contrast to the conventional voltage feedback structure, in power feedback, the power amplifiers become intensitive to difficult speaker keys.

Marantz HDAM technology 

The PM8006 uses the patended Marantz HDAM-SA3 (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) circuits. These provide a wide and dynamic soundstage with minimal disortion in the power amp. Over the years, Marantz has developed various HDAMs to meet the unique needs of player components and amplifiers-the PM8006 uses the high-end SA3 version.

Marantz Musical Phono EQ 

The PM8006 is desigend as a purley analogue power amplifier and easily plays a wide range of speakers. True to the longstanding company motto because music matter, Marantz has committed itself to developing all music lovers in this case as well. For LP owners, however, the amp has something extra on board. the completely redesigned phono stage called Marantz Musical Phono EQ. This is one of the industry's most advanced phono stages, eliminiating the need for any external phono preamps. It premieres in the PM8006 and technically combines HDAM modules with JFETSs (Junction Gate Field Effects Transistors). In this way, the impedance is increased, so that the signal path can be simplified by omitting coupling capacitors. The twostage amplification of the new phono stage processes the very small signal levels produced by pickups. with minmial disoriton.

For the highest precision, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) standard board standardization combines passive and active sectors: this RIAA correction is done in HDMI, while the amplification is done by a high quality Class A operational amplifier ensures minimal disortion . It's all about the pure and the best sound - the trademark of Marantz for more than 60 years.

Innovative design with toriodal transformer 

The overall design of the amplifier focuses on shortest possible signal paths and a high instanteous current structure, i. the model is technically capable of providing a high power demand, if required, extremely fast. These factors provide improved speed and dynamics. In addition, the PM8006 features Marantz's distinctive "Tri-Tone" controls, allowing for the separate adjustment of bass, mid and high frequencies (triple tone control). In additon, in addition to five inputs and the MM phono preamp, a preamp output as well as power amp inputs for future system expansion and / or integration into a home theater system are among its features. As an input buffer that makes it less sensitive to the output characteristics of connected sound sources, power is supplied to the amplifier via a double-shielded torodial transformer. Thus, disturbances are virtually eliminated. For reason of stability and vibration resistance, hea was also provided with a triple-reinforced base plate and extremely vibration-damping feet.

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