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Vogels THIN 550 wall bracket

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Thin 550 Your television belongs in the safest hands Because for this fantastic... more

Thin 550

Your television belongs in the safest hands

Because for this fantastic television you have also reached neatly into the pocket. So it is only understandable that you do not want to take any risks if your television is to be given its place of honour now. Any wall mount is therefore out of the question. With a TV like this, only the best is good enough. You need the THIN 550 so you can be sure that gravity won't be your TV's biggest enemy.

Strong, solid and incredibly elegant

So you bought yourself a fantastic TV? We also have a fantastic TV wall mount to protect and secure your new TV.

The THIN 550 TV wall mount supports almost any XL television weighing up to 70 kg, with a screen diagonal of 102 cm (40 inches) to 254 cm (100 inches) and can be mounted so flat on the wall that it really doesn't take up a millimetre more space than absolutely necessary. The TÜV has independently tested this bracket and confirmed that it can be loaded with three times the specified maximum weight. With its four extremely strong arms, this mount will carry your TV with complete ease. And thanks to the included spirit level, you don't have to worry about the exact position of your TV all the time.

Thanks to its solid welded construction and the wide wall plate for particularly solid mounting, you can rely completely on this bracket - unlike many other things in life. But don't think we've cut back on appearance for that! The THIN 550 is made of top quality black steel, so that it fits perfectly into any room with its elegant and modern style. And if that's not enough security for you, you can take advantage of Vogel's lifetime warranty and be sure that your TV mount works perfectly at all times.

One swivel mount for optimal viewing pleasure

Last but not least, you have the best view where you want to be, because with the THIN 550 you can turn your TV to almost any position. It can be swivelled up to an incredible 120° and tilted up to 20°, without any cable clutter or annoying reflections that would interfere with your view, so that the fight for the best place is finally a thing of the past. Essentially no more do-it-yourself nonsense.

  • The safest mount for TVs with a screen diagonal of 177 cm (70 inches), 203 cm (80 inches) and an incredible 254 cm (100 inches)
  • 4 extremely strong arms ensure that even the heaviest televisions always hang perfectly straight - with built-in spirit level!
  • Easily adjust your TV even after installation & make all unsightly cables disappear
  • Independently tested by TÜV, it can be proven that it can be loaded with three times the stated maximum weight.
  • Even more safety and protection for your pride thanks to Vogel's lifetime warranty


  • Series: THIN
  • Warranty: Life
  • TÜV-certified: Yes
  • Product size: XL
  • Color: Black
  • Min. screen size (inches): 40
  • Max. Screen size (inch): 100
  • Min. distance to wall (mm): 58
  • Max. Distance to wall (mm): 630
  • Max. Weight load (kg): 70
  • Number of pivot points: 3
  • Rotatable: Movable forward and rotatable (up to 120°)
  • Tiltable: Up to 20° inclinable

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