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AudioQuest Fire Stereo Cable (XLR)

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AudioQuest Fire Stereo Cable (XLR) From a purely technical point of view, fire is not an... more

AudioQuest Fire Stereo Cable (XLR)

From a purely technical point of view, fire is not an object but an event: the rapid oxidation of a material during the chemical process of combustion, which releases heat and light into the environment. What we call "fire" - the mysteriously beautiful and hypnotic flames of a fireplace with their white, yellow or red-orange glow - is actually only the visible part of the flames of a fire, which contains the overheated by-products of the incomplete exothermic reaction of the fire and emits visible light when excess energy is released. It is interesting to note that the cherry-red flame of a smouldering campfire burns at about 700°C, the deep orange flame of a candle burning on the bedside table or enveloping a living room in a gentle fragrance usually has a temperature of about 1000°C, while the blinding white flame of a meteor can even be hotter than 1500°C when it enters the earth's atmosphere! If fire is generally perceived more as a destructive element, it can also be an efficient tool in planning and expanding fields, forests or draining swamps: Native Americans discovered that while fire destroys woody plants, it actually promotes the growth of fruit-bearing shrubs and grassland for cattle feed production. Of course, the unique potential of fire has been known for quite some time: It is likely that humans began using fire to heat their food about a million years ago. Among the classical elements, fire is associated with energy, assertiveness and passion. In Greek mythology, Prometheus defied the gods by bringing the gift of fire to mankind, thus enabling progress and civilization. People born in the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius are said to have fiery character traits: They are enthusiastic, extroverted and, like our good friend Prometheus, rebellious, passionate, brave and courageous. No wonder we have been attracted to fire for so long. Feared, respected and loved, fire is what drives us into the unknown, illuminates the path in the darkness and shows the way home. MASSIVE CONDUCTORS FROM PERFECT-SURFACE SILVER: Massive conductors prevent individual strands from interfering with each other as well as mutual magnetic influence - both major causes of distortion. The surface quality is also decisive: A conductor can be considered like a rail guide for both electrical fields inside the conductor and also for the magnetic fields outside the conductor. Less well processed silver can have the same unpleasant "obtrusive tweeter" sound as silver-plated litz wires. On the other hand, the smooth surface, exceptionally careful processing and high purity of PSS silver makes the sound as pure and beautiful as our PSC+ copper, but with a much higher resolution. DIELECTRIC-BIAS SYSTEM (DBS, US Pat #S 7,126,055 & 7,872,195 B1): Creates a strong, stable electrostatic field that saturates and polarizes (aligns) the molecules of insulation. This greatly reduces the "blurring" of the signal caused by the dielectric, allowing the sound to come from a "black" background. CARBONBASIC NOISE DISPLACEMENT SYSTEM (NDS): Shields the screen, reducing high frequency interference to the ground plane of the system. FEP AIR TUBE INSULATION (FEP is a fluoropolymer): The absence of contact between conductors and insulation reduces "smearing" and maintains dynamic performance. TRIPLE-BALANCED GEOMETRY: A separate ground conductor prevents the shielding from acting as an inferior ground conductor. REUSABLE CONNECTORS WITH DOUBLE CONTACTS AND HANGING-SILVER DIRECTLY SILVERED ON EXTREMELY CLEAN, RED COPPER: DIRECTION: Because all drawn metals are directional, this also applies to audio cables. All AudioQuest digital and analog audio cables are checked for correct directionality. Please use the cable with the arrows pointing from the source to the receiver or audio component for the best possible sound.

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