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AudioQuest WEL Signature Stereo-Kabel (RCA und XLR)

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"Honestly, I've never thought about the possibility of a 'signature product line'. This idea is... more

"Honestly, I've never thought about the possibility of a 'signature product line'. This idea is rather alien to me. When Joe Harley, a good friend (and design representative at AQ), suggested this to me, I was surprised at first. We sat down and discussed the possibilities, the many years of analysis of materials and construction, the hours and hours of listening, the proofing of theories, and yes, the little bit of luck that is required-in the end, everything made sense. When a developer puts his name on a product, it feels like a kind of 'last chapter' to me. I can assure you, this chapter is the beginning of a new book. "- William E. Low, AudioQuest Founder and Chief Developer MASSIVE 100% PERFECT SURFACE SILVER LADDER (PSS): Adopts Perfect Surface technology applied extremely pure silver, has the previously unprecedented Klahrheit and dynamics to the result. Solid conductors prevent interlayer interaction - a major cause of cable distortion. Extremely high purity Perfect Surface Silver minimizes the distortion caused by the grain boundaries existing in each metal conductor, eliminating almost all-roughness in the sound and greatly improving the clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other copper. FEP AIR TUBE INSULATION (FEP is a fluoropolymer): Any solid material adjacent to a conductor becomes part of an incomplete electrical network. Wire insulation and printed circuit board material absorb energy (losses). Part of this energy is stored and then released as distortion. The Wild Blue Yonder uses air tube insulation for all conductors because air absorbs almost no energy, and FEP is the best extrudable solid insulation and absorbs less energy than other materials. The FEP Air Tubes used in the Wild Blue Yonder consist of almost nothing but air around the massive PSS ladder. DIELECTRIC BIAS SYSTEM (DBS, US Pat. Nos. 7,126,055 & 7,872,195 B1): Any isolation slows the signal on the conductor therein. If no voltage is applied to the insulation, it slows down some parts of the signal to varying degrees - a big problem with very time-critical broadband audio. AudioQuest DBS creates a strong, stable electrostatic field that saturates and polarizes (isolates) the molecules of isolation. This minimizes both the energy stored in the insulation and the various nonlinear time delays. The sound is created against a surprisingly black background with unexpected richness of detail and expanded dynamics. The batteries of the DBS last for several years. A button with LED indicator allows the occasional test of the battery state of charge. CARBON-BASED SEVEN-LAYER NOISE DISSIPATION SYSTEM (NDS): Achieving 100% shielding is easy. To prevent "trapped" RF interference from affecting the device's ground reference, the AQ noise-dissipation system is required. Metal and carbon-containing plastics prevent most of the RF interference from reaching the ground plane of the device. TRIPLE-BALANCED GEOMETRY: The three conductors in Wild Blue Yonder "Triple Balanced" cables, whether assembled with RCA or XLR connectors, ensure that the positive and negative signals have the same low-distortion conductor paths. The 100% shielding is never used as an inferior conductor. COLD WELDING SYSTEM: This connector design allows a perfectly heat-free connection between cable and plug. The connection between the connector and the conductors is made by using AQ's cold welding system. This creates a high-quality connection that completely preserves the structural integrity of the ladder.The cold welding system consists of a combination of high pressure to make the connection and the use of copper or silver impregnated paste. (The silver conductors of the WEL Signature receive silver paste.) Also available with XLR plugs. PACKAGING: The impressive visual appearance of the RCA and XLR plugs of the WEL Signature is the result of many years of intensive research on every aspect of connector design. These connectors are precision-engineered components that far exceed the performance of any previous design. The only relevant requirement for the WEL Signature connector design was to maximize the sound performance. The WEL Signature plugs must be just as "invisible" in sound as the WEL Signature cable itself. The conductive parts of the WEL Signature RCA plugs are made from a highly conductive, oxygen-free, pure copper (99.94% + Cu ) manufactured on precision machines. The main insulation material used is FEP. A thick layer of silver (100 microns) is then applied directly to the copper. Likewise, the WEL Signature XLR wire bays and contact pins are made from HF-OFC rolled plates, silver plated and secured in Delrin® cable entry.



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