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AudioQuest Wind Stereo Cable (RCA)

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AudioQuest Wind Stereo Cable (RCA) Wind is, simply put, air in motion, resulting from the... more

AudioQuest Wind Stereo Cable (RCA)

Wind is, simply put, air in motion, resulting from the uneven warming of the earth's surface by the sun. Our planet consists of different land and water formations - from the rugged heights of K2 to the tranquil Chicago River - and absorbs the sun's radiation unevenly, creating differences in air pressure and resulting in the movement of air from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. Wind is also one of the most valuable natural resources: Unlike fossil fuels, wind is abundant, renewable, widespread, clean, produces no greenhouse gases, and consumes little land. Although wind power is more important today than ever before, the concept is by no means new. Images of sailing ships date back to 5500 BC, and windmills have probably been used in Persia since 200 BC. Among the classical elements, air, a close relative of wind, is pure, powerful and of fundamental importance for life. In Japanese philosophy, wind is a symbol for everything that grows, expands and enjoys freedom of movement - which in a way also applies to the human mind. People born under the zodiacal signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius are said to have air as the dominant part of their personality, which is expressed in kindness and elegant manners. The wind can even be described as the most elegant of the elements. It fuels the flames of great passion, dances on the surfaces of the longest rivers, sings in the rustling of the largest leaves and carves its initials into the mightiest rocks. The visible effect is often astonishing: from the eternally swaying Coyote Buttes in Utah to the cypress sculptures along the Californian coast that seem to be frozen in time, the wind reveals itself to be one of the greatest masters of art in nature. MASSIVE PERFECT-SURFACE-COPPER+-LEADERS (PSC+): Massive conductors prevent the strands from touching each other on the one hand and from magnetically influencing each other on the other - two of the main causes of distortion. Surface quality also plays a decisive role, because a conductor can be seen as a rail guide for the electrical fields inside the conductor and for the magnetic fields outside the conductor. The amazingly smooth and clean surface of all AudioQuest's Perfect Surface Metals almost completely eliminates roughness and improves clarity compared to all other premium copper. The high purity of PSC+ also minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries, which are common in any metallic conductor. DIELECTRIC-BIAS SYSTEM (DBS, US Pat #S 7,126,055 & 7,872,195 B1): Creates a strong, stable electrostatic field that saturates and polarizes (aligns) the molecules of the insulation. This greatly reduces the "blurring" of the signal caused by the dielectric, allowing the sound to come from a "black" background. CARBONBASIC SIXED NOISE DISSIPTION SYSTEM (NDS): Shields the screen, reducing high frequency interference to the ground plane of the system. FEP AIR TUBE INSULATION (FEP is a fluoropolymer): The absence of contact between conductors and insulation reduces "smearing" and maintains dynamic performance. TRIPLE-BALANCED GEOMETRY: A separate ground conductor prevents the shielding from acting as an inferior ground conductor. COLD WELD/"HANGING SILVER" OVER CLEAN "RED COPPER" DIRECTION: Because all drawn metals are directional, this also applies to audio cables. All AudioQuest digital and analog audio cables are checked for correct directionality. Please use the cable with the arrows pointing from the source to the receiver or audio component for the best possible sound.

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