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Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G floorstanding pair of customer trade-in speakers

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Monitor Audio Gold 300 floorstanding loudspeaker from customer trade-in We have reviewed... more

Monitor Audio Gold 300 floorstanding loudspeaker from customer trade-in

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The Gold 300 is designed to provide an absolutely audiophile experience. The driver technology from our flagship Platinum II speakers has been combined with a premium cabinet to create a timelessly modern speaker.

The Gold 300 is the highlight of the entire series. Inside its large and beautifully crafted cabinet is a 2½" (64 mm) C-CAM midrange driver with an MPD high frequency converter above. Beneath the midrange driver, a pair of 8" (203 mm) RDT II woofers in a true three-way arrangement deliver top performance.

With two rear-facing HiVe II ports providing even airflow and excellent bass support, the Gold 300 is the ideal speaker for larger rooms and those who love high levels. The punch and dynamics of the speaker are only surpassed by its delicacy and fidelity. The Gold 300 is a real authority and plays from crisp 50 kHz at the top end to rumbling 30 Hz in the bass. This makes the Gold 300 a real all-rounder and perfectly equipped for all listening requirements.


MPD high-frequency converter - Clean and pleasantly soft high-frequency reproduction up to the highest frequency rangesTwo
custom 8" bass drivers with the following features:
- RDT II cone technology - Specially developed sandwich cone technology made of C-CAM, Nomex honeycomb core and woven carbon fiber back for incredible stiffness combined with low weight and high dampingDual
HiVe II bass-reflex technology - Perfect transient response and tighter bass thanks to optimized airflowPureflow
silver-plated OFC copper-Internal cabling - Highest transmission quality throughout the entire signal chainSoft
touch enclosure top - Feels premium and gives the speaker a noble look in furniture qualitySingle-bolt-through driver technology
- Provides a firm connection of the driver to the enclosure High rigidity and at the same time best driver/baffle decouplingCustom-made
magnetic grilles - Elegant appearance, almost completely transparent acousticallyConnection panel
at floor level for easy connection and clean speaker cable routingRugged
cast metal bracket feet with spike or rubber base for carpets or hard floors - Ensures an attractive appearance and requires less floor space

Serie: Gold
Lautsprecher-Typ: Standlautsprecher
Höhe in cm: zwischen 100-105
Breite in cm: zwischen 35-40
Farbe: Ebony, schwarz, walnuss, weiß
Material: Holz
Ohm: 4 Ohm
Hochtöner: Bändchen
Sound-Charakter: bassstark, kraftvoll, raumfüllend, warm
Wege: 3 Weg
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Client: Mr. Wochinz
Maße 41.78 cm x 32.78 cm x 104.7 cm (L x B x H)
Gewicht: 30,56 kg
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