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Pro-Ject Phono Strobe-it Stroboscope Disk - Sale

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Strobe it

has two functions:

Setting gauge for perfect adjustment of your pickup system for optimum scanning with minimum distortion.

The stroboscopic disc allows you to control the correct speed of your turntable.

FAQ Question: How do I determine the correct speed using Strobe it? Answer: Strobe it shows circularly arranged bars that are responsible for the desired speed and mains frequency. Please note the appropriate ring for the speed and mains frequency (in Europe 33 1/3 rpm with 50 Hz and 45 rpm with 50 Hz apply). Place the strobe on the turntable and then start the turntable. The tonearm remains in its starting position. Now a mains-operated light source is directed onto the strobe rotating on the turntable. The strokes of the previously noticed ring should now give the impression of standing still. If these seem to move slightly forwards or backwards, the speed is either too high or too low. Please note: Use normal mains operated light bulbs. Daylight and fluorescent lamps (energy-saving lamps) as well as flashlights and LEDs operated with direct current are not suitable.

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