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AudioQuest Tower jack 3.5mm jack 3.5mm

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AudioQuest Tower jack 3.5mm jack 3.5mm The sight of the impressive Tower Bridge is so... more

AudioQuest Tower jack 3.5mm jack 3.5mm

The sight of the impressive Tower Bridge is so famous that it is oftenly confused with the London Bridge. Tower Bridge, completed in 1894, is an unusual combination of suspension bridges on the land side of the towers and two flap elements in the middle. As it is the case of the bascule bridges in St. Petersburg in Russia and those over the Chicago River, the well-balanced roadway of Tower Bridge can be moved with relatively little energy consumption and the shipping traffic flows efficiently. Tower Bridge's original hydraulic accumulators represented a significant advance in energy storage, enabling the two 1000-tonne flaps to be opened in just five minutes. MASSIVE CONDUCTORS OF LONG-CRISTALLINE COUPER (LGC): Massive conductors prevent distortion caused by mutual interference of the strands. Evergreen's solid long-crystal copper (LGC) provides a more balanced, clearer sound than cables using the usual oxygen-free, highly conductive copper (OFHC - Oxygen-Free-High-Conductivity). OFHC is a general specification of the metal industry that considers "losses" without any consideration of distortion. LGC contains less oxides in the conductive material, less impurities, fewer grain boundaries and offers significantly better performance. ISOLATION FROM POLYETHYLENE FOAM: Any solid material adjacent to a conductor becomes part of an incomplete electrical network. Wire insulation and PCB material absorb energy (losses). Part of this energy is stored and then released as distortion. In the tower, air-filled polyethylene foam insulation is used for both conductors because air absorbs almost no energy and polyethylene is low-loss and has a benign distortion profile. Thanks to the air in the polyethylene foam, it causes significantly less blurring effects than other materials. METAL LAMINATION NOISE DISPIPATION SYSTEM (NDS): Achieving 100% shielding is easy. To prevent "trapped" RF interference from affecting the ground reference of the device, the AudioQuest Noise Dissipation System is required. It prevents most RF interference from reaching the ground plane of the device. DOUBLE-BALANCED ASYMMETRICAL GEOMETRY: Designed specifically for single-ended applications, Double-Balanced Asymmetrical Geometry provides less impedance to ground for a fuller, more dynamic sound. While many single-ended cables use a single path for both ground and shielding, double-balanced designs separate both for a cleaner, quieter performance. COLD-WELDED, GOLDED RCA CONNECTORS: This connector design allows for connections without solder - which is a common source of interference. Because the ferrules are stamped rather than machined, the metal can be selected for low distortion rather than machinability.

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