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AudioQuest DragonFly black

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DragonFly Black - USB DAC Audioquest DragonFly Black USB D/A converter, preamplifier,... more

DragonFly Black - USB DAC

Audioquest DragonFly Black USB D/A converter, preamplifier, headphone amp - 24bit / 96kHz digital-analog conversion in stick size - Plays all PCM music data from MP3 to Hi-Res - "Plug&Play" without additional driver installation - Suitable for Apple OS X®, Apple iOS® (from 5.0), Microsoft Windows® (7, 8 .1, 10), Android™ (from 4.1) - Streamlength™ asynchronous Class1 USB data protocol for extremely low jitter and minimal data loss - 32bit isynchronous full-speed USB 2.0 compatible microchip - Extremely energy-efficient (up to -95% compared to XMOS) - Regulated output for headphones from medium efficiency, active speakers or power amplifiers - Analog volume control 64 levels - Unregulated output for amplifiers or A/V receivers - Software upgradeable via Desktop Device Manager - Includes transport case, manual Superior sound quality with the new power-saving D/A converter/amplifier generation Audioquest's new, completely redesigned DragonFly generation can be used not only for PC/MAC applications but also on portable devices without hesitation due to its extreme energy efficiency. Smartphone meshes and tablets with Android as well as iOS operating systems can be used. Thanks to the cooperation with the American specialist Microchip Technology, the PIC32MX microcontroller, based on a 32-bit architecture, has reduced power consumption by more than 77% and at the same time further improved the signal-to-noise ratio, so that a significantly higher efficiency is achieved regardless of sampling rate and bit depth. Thanks to the free Desktop Device Manager application (Windows & Mac OS), you can check the software status of your DragonFly at any time and update it immediately. The DragonFly Black, the new entry-level model, delivers 1.2 volts output voltage and is particularly suitable for headphones with medium efficiency. The analog volume control of the Black model is controlled via the auxiliary device and ensures maximum resolution regardless of the volume. The 32bit D/A chip ESS9010 guarantees natural sound with minimal phase shifts for audio files up to 24bit/96 kHz. Technical data: - Control chip PIC32MX from Microchgip Technology - D/A chip 32bit ESS9010 - Supported PCM file formats FLAC, ALAC, AAC, wma, mp3 and many more. - Color LED display Red: Standby - Green: 44100 Hz - Blue: 48000 Hz - Amber: 88200 Hz - Magenta: 96000 Hz - Analog output 3.5mm jack fixed or regulated - Volume control analog, 64-step - Output voltage 1.2 Volt - Dimensions 12mm x 19mm x 62mm WxHxD

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