Why should I pre order any product?

The current situation makes it important, to pre order some products. Many manufacturies and distributions are waiting months for parts to complete their products. Also the delivery situation is a bad one right now, containers are hard to get and so, we all have to wait for products we would like to have. If you pre order some of that, you get a safe place in the line of costumers and will be one of the happy ones, who get the product as soon as possible.

How does a pre order work?

You buy one of the articles with this option and pay the shown percentage amount. In this case, you`ll safe your place in the line.

As soon as the article is in our stock

you will get immediatly a message from our shop and can follow the easy step-by-step-instructions to complete your order. After his, you will get a shipping confirmation soon.


Good to know

Best price guarantee: You will get on every pre-order article the best price in the timeline from your pre-order till to the shipping.

Payment: Also for the pre order, as for the final payment, you will have every payment-option in our shop for use.

Resignation: You have everytime the possibility to cancel your order and we will refund the total amount you already paid. Please note, in this case, you will also lose your position in the costumers-line and maybe you have to wait longer for your as costumers, wich bought after you. The withdrawal period end 30 days after receipt of the goods.

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